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Yannick & Louise .... Savour Kilkenny Food Festival , Oct 2013....@yannicklouise

Yannick Van- Acken and Louise Bannon , will be staging an exclusive Pop up on Sunday 27th October at the Savour Kilkenny Food Festival . These two very talented and gifted Chefs , having both previously worked in the acclaimed Copenhagen restaurant Noma , where Yannick was Sous Chef and Louise , the Pastry Chef  are often misunderstood . Theirs is The Art Of Simple Food . Following a Culinary philosophy based on the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients , their menu invites diners to partake in the immediacy and excitement of vegetables just out of the soil , fruits right off the branch and fish straight out of the sea . It is a menu devoid of gimmicks , gels , foams or any other fanciful accouterments . It is a menu striving for both delicious clean flavours and environmental harmony , celebrating local artisans food producers . As a Chef , I totally get their Concept , where the cooking is appropriate to the season and relies on the finest sustainably sourced , organic and seasonal produce .

Here are a few dishes , I sampled a while ago from this amazing duo .

Razor Clams , radish &rapeseed oil .

Clean and fresh flavours is obviously what this dish is all about , a sashimi of  razor clams were sweet and smooth like velvet , crisp radish discs and a dressing of rapeseed oil really brought the right balance of sweet and sea fresh finish .

Italian lardo ham , green beans , shallots & gooseberries .

Very thin tranches of lardo ham was melt in the mouth , offering a salty but delicate taste,along with tender but crisp green beans . it was  served warm , which helped to give even more flavour to the ham  , Sweet muscat grapes and the gooseberries were sufficiently acidic to cut through the fattiness of the jambon . A very tasty dish with intense flavour .

Sourdough Pain de Maison & hand churned country butter 

Quinoa , sprouting broccoli , baby gourgettes , cherry tomatoes & shaved fennel .

A big smack of freshness made this dish perfect for lunch . The vegetables were beautifully cooked and still with a bite. Each stood on it's own ground as far as taste went and the finest quality was evident here.The whole ensemble was delicious and again a toasted rapeseed oil dressing had a lovely nutty flavour .

Yannick & Louise are now touring Ireland with their exclusive Pop up Dining Events .

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