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Irish Whiskey Awards 2013


The inaugural Irish Whiskey Awards 2013 presented by the Celtic Whiskey Club in conjunction with the Celtic Whiskey Shop took place last Friday 4 th October at the Jameson Distillery , Smithfield , Dublin .
This is the first year that the diversity and quality of the vibrant Irish Whiskey industry was awarded and celebrated in Ireland . The Irish Whiskey industry is enjoying the strongest period of growth in popularity since the 1800 s ,  both nationally and internationally . Sales in the USA alone saw the market grow by 22.5% , making it the fastest growing spirits category in the country .
Distillers such as Midleton in Co. Cork , Cooley Distillery in Co. Louth and Bushmills in Co . Antrim have been successfully operating in Ireland for many years , but now , What with Whiskey drinkers broadening their tastes and consumers demanding more diversity and quality , new small craft distillers are embracing the opportunity to fill a niche in the market with small batch and high value brands .
Quoting the guest speaker for the evening Mr Willie Mc Carter , Chairman of the Irish Spirits Association " With four of the largest spirits companies in the world , now selling Irish Whiskey and many new distilleries coming on stream , the Irish Whiskey Industry is at the beginning of a new Golden Age "

The whiskeys were nominated , tasted and voted on by members of the public , the Celtic Whiskey Club and the Irish Whiskey Society .

 The Awards were presented across 9 categories and the Winners are as follows :

Best Blended Whiskey under and over €50 & Best single Pot Still

"A uniquely Irish spirit , Single Pot Still Whiskey is made from both malted and unmalted barley . No other country makes Whiskey from unmalted barley , For many , this style represents the best in Irish Whiskey ."

  • 1/ Best Blended Whiskey under €50
Writers Tears Pot Still Blend by Writers Tears Whiskey ltd, Co . Carlow  @ €40.99

  • 2/ Best Blended Whiskey over €50
Midleton Very Rare 2013 produced by Midleton Distillery, Co. Cork  @€149.99

  • 3/ Best Single Pot Still Whiskey
Redbreast 15 year old produced by Midleton Distillery, Co. Cork @€95.00

  • 4/ Best Irish Single Cask Whiskey
"Often unique , one off and hard to find , these Whiskeys are bottled from single barrels that have been singled out for their superiority ."

  Tyrconnell 14 year old cask 204/96 produced by Cooley Distillery . co. Louth @€89.99

  • 5/ Best Irish Cask Strength Whiskey
" Higher in alcohol , these are whiskeys that are uncut and bottled at natural barrel strength, commonly between 50-60% ABV , they are much loved as they show each whiskey in its truest form ."

Redbreast 12 year old cask strength produced by Midleton Distillery  . co . Cork @ €87.00

  • 6/ Best Irish Single Malt Whiskey
" Made solely from malted barley and produced in one location . Single malts , along with Pot Still whiskeys represent the pinnacle in quality .

Bushmills 21 year old produced by Bushmills Distillery . co . Antrim @€132.99

  • 7/ Irish Poitin Of the Year
"Raw un aged spirit that can be made from a variety of grains and other agricultural products "

Teeling Whiskey Company Poitin produced by Cooley Distillery . Co. Louth @ €30.99

  • 8/ Overall Irish Whiskey of the Year
Redbreast 12 year old Cask strength produced by Midleton Distillery . Co. Cork @ €87.00

  • 9/ Irish Whiskey Bar of the Year
" In part helped by their interest in Craft brewing and distilling and from a shortlist compiled of great Whiskey pubs across Ireland "

 L. Mulligan Grocers , Stoneybatter , Dublin 7

All above whiskeys are available from & prices quoted are  as of 10.10.2013

The Celtic Whiskey Shop
27 - 28 Dawson street
Dublin 2
Tel : 01 6759744

More information reg the Winners & runner up may be obtained from

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