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Courgetti & Irish Haddock Fillets , A bistro - style Classic Revamped ....." Inexpensive and Low calorie "

COURGETTI  or better known as Courgette Linguine teamed here with BAKED IRISH HADDOCK, GINGER , SPRING ONION , LIME & SOY is an exciting and substantial dish , based on seasonally available produce and comparatively inexpensive ingredients .  This is everyday eating at it's best .
Value is always an overriding factor for many and sourcing of ingredients for Quality and Costs can be time consuming but it is an exercise that has to be done daily or weekly. So following this ethos , I took myself to LIDL .  And here is a meal for two  , all under €5 and to top it all under 300 calories per serving .

 Courgettes are abundant at present and relatively cheap as well as being very easy to grow if you are of the green fingers type and have the space . The Irish Haddock fillets has a dense flesh which is ideal for this dish. My early career , working with some of the finest Chefs , brought me to the conclusion that Simplicity and seasonality are the crucial elements that make a great dish and this couldn't be simpler and is packed with flavour.

 Ingredients :

Shopping list at LIDL... Ireland as of today 14/08/13

1/ Pack of 2 Courgettes € 1.39
2/ Pack of 2 Irish Haddock Fillet €2.99
3/ Bunch of Spring Onions €0.79
4/ Pack of 4 Chillies €0.65

From your Larder , you will need

1/ 1 clove of garlic . Peeled and thinly sliced
2/ 5 cm piece of fresh ginger . Peeled and cut into thin matchsticks .
3/ 1 tbsp of Soy sauce
4/ Dash of fish sauce
5/ juice of 1 of lime juice
6/  Salt & White pepper

Well ahead prepare the Courgetti :

 Slice on a Mandolin and stacking a few slices on top of each other , slice into thin Julienne Strips lengthwise .  Blanch in boiling salted water for 1 min and refresh immediately in ice water . This stops the Cooking process and helps to retain the aldente texture and colour .
Slice 1 red Chili very thinly as well as the green part of 4 Spring onions . Reserve the White part for the fish .

For the Haddock :

Preheat your oven to 180.
Lightly spray a Pyrex dish with some low calorie Fry light or just  brush the dish with some vegetable oil .Rub  the Haddock Fillets with the soy sauce , fish sauce and lime juice and place skin side down in the dish, Scatter over the sliced garlic , ginger , sliced white part of the spring onions and season with salt and white pepper . Cover tightly with tin foil and bake in the hot oven for 15 - 20 mins .

In the meantime , toss the  Courgette linguine in a pan with a spray of the low calorie Fry light to warm through , add the sliced red chillies &  sliced green part of the spring onions . Season with the lime juice .

Place on a warm plate , along with the baked Haddock fillet and garnish with some extra finely sliced Green Chillies or Coriander .

Variations :

1/ Courgetti works also well tossed with some fresh Pesto and a sprinkling of Parmesan .

2/ Or Mix with some flaked  Hot Smoked Norwegian  Salmon  also from  LIDL  @ € 1.99  to make a beautiful and tasty starter  as above .

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