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A Taste of Mexico.... Gastronomic & Cultural festival, Dublin. 12th - 17th November 2013 .& my " Chicken Tinga Quesadillas " Recipe

" A Taste Of Mexico " will be a celebration of Mexican food , drink and culture and takes place in Dublin next month, from Tuesday 12th to Sunday the 17th November around the capital.The festival is organised by the Embassy of Mexico in Ireland and will feature many of the growing number of Mexican Restaurants now delighting diners in Dublin .
At a recent lunch at the residence of the Mexican Ambassador, Carlos Garcia de Alba , we sampled some delicious cuisine from Mexican Chef Helma Honda, who will be sharing her expertise and love of this unique cuisine during a workshop at The Instituto Cervantes on the 13 th November . The festival will also include a wide range of workshops , tastings and events, among others a competition to find the Best Taco in Dublin , tasting of Tequila & Mezcal .
Further information and details of Events via Embassy of Mexico's website :

( Pictured at the " A Taste of Mexico " launch at the Mexican Ambassador's Residence were Chef Helma Honda & Mariachi Antonio Garcia Lopez )

Mexican food is full of intriguing flavours and spices. Hot, refreshing and satisfying all at once, whether you are having  Tortillas, Enchiladas, Quesadillias, Tacos, Burritos, Nachos, Tamales, Salsas, or Mole, it is a hugely diverse and regional cuisine which embraces contrasts of textures, flavours,colours and using a vast array of ingredients, among a few Corn, Avocados, Tomatoes, Plantain,Squashes,Peppers, Chillies & Beans of all sort, Flavours from Vanilla, Coffee & Chocolate and earthy spices such as Cloves,Cinnamon, Allspice, Paprika & Cayenne.
Tequila, Mezcal& Agave syrup are there too .

To encourage you in bringing this great Cuisine into your kitchen, here is my simple " Chicken tinga Quesadillas " recipe to whet your appetite.

Chicken Tinga Quesadillas

·         1 packet of Tortilla wraps
·         2 chicken breast
·         1tbsp of oil
·         1 tin of chopped tomatoes
·         1 onion , finely sliced
·         2 bay leaves
·         ½ tsp of Chipotles Chili paste
·         1 tsp of sugar
·         ½ tsp of all spice
·         ½ tsp of cinnamon
·         ½ tsp of smoked paprika
·         Lime juice to taste
Place the Chicken breast between 2 sheets of cling film and flatten down with a rolling pin .
Cut into thin strips across the grain . Set aside .
In a frying pan , heat up the oil , sweat the onions until translucent . Add the sugar, allspice , Cinnamon & smoked paprika  until fragrant .. Add the chicken strips and coat with the spices. Add the tomatoes , chipotles chili paste and bay leaves . Simmer for 10 - 12 mins until the chicken is cooked through and the sauce has reduced and clinging to the Chicken pieces.
Brush up a wrap with a little olive oil, Place in a hot dry frying pan , spoon on the chicken tinga , Sprinkle over some grated pecorino cheese, Fold the tortilla over so that you have a half moon and cook until golden and slightly charred . 

Now eat like a Mexican and serve this along with a handful of other side dishes . A crisp side salad , Chilli & Peppers salsa and Guacamole.

Authentic Mexican Ingredients can be obtained from :

And for great recipes, check out 
I am addicted to Lily's Salsa de Maduro

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