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" SHAKEN " A Classic the WESTIN. Dublin & " STIRRED" A twist with Rhubarb

Mad about Cocktails , these days and I enjoyed a delicious and very addictive " Millionaire " cocktail, the other day in THE MINT BAR  at the WESTIN HOTEL on college green . Shaken and not stirred by the Master Mixologist himself. Mr Karl Byrne . A great Classic that transported me back to the sandy beaches of St James in  Barbados . An exotic blend of  Myers Jamaican rum , sloe gin , apricot brandy , grenadine pomegranate syrup and fresh lime juice . Heaven ......

" The Mint Bar " @ The Westin , college street , Dublin . Tel : 01-6451322 .

Now here is my twist with Rhubarb .... 3 ways.. Alcohol free , Very Alcoholic and Let's eat cake .
1.Rhubarb Syrup Liqueur
2.Rhubarb Cordial
3.Rhubarb & Amaretto crunch Cake

Rhubarb Syrup Liqueur ( alcoholic )
  • 1 kg of Rhubarb
  • 200 grms of caster sugar
  • 1 ltr of Vodka
Clean and wash the Rhubarb ,  keeping only the stalks , discard the leaves as they are poisonous. Cut into 2" pieces . Cover with the sugar and allow to rest overnight .

Place in an oven proof dish and add a cup of water . Wrap tightly with good quality cling film and poached the Rhubarb in an oven at 50 c for 11/2 hrs . Allow to cool completely still covered and in it's own juices . Add the Vodka and allow to infuse for 48 hrs . Pass through muslin and store in the fridge .

Add to Rum , lime juice and grenadine molasses & pour into chilled glasses to make your very own  " Millionaire  "

Rhubarb Cordial ( alcohol free )

  • 1 kg of Rhubarb ... cleaned and cut into 2 " pieces
  • 500 grms of sugar
Cover with the sugar and allow to rest overnight. Place in an oven proof dish , add 2 pints of water . Cover tightly with cling film and cook in an oven for 11/2 hrs. Allow to cool completely in it's own juices. Pass through muslin and store in the fridge . Add to 2 parts water and 1 part lemon juice , add ice cubes to obtain a refreshingly summer drink .


Rhubarb & Amaretto biscuit crunch cake

  • 175 grms of unsalted butter
  • 175 grms of caster sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 140 grms of self raising flour
  • 85 grms of ground almonds
  • A hand full of Amaretto biscuits / or biscotti Italian biscuits
  • The poached Rhubarb pieces ( or use raspberries and frozen one are fine too )
Pre heat the oven to 170 c.
Line the base and sides of a 20 cm cake  tin . Place the sugar, butter, eggs , flour and ground almonds in a bowl. Mix with an electric whisk until blended. DONE

Spread half the cake mixture into the lined tin , evenly spread the Rhubarb pieces , Roughly break up the Amaretto biscuits and scatter over. Spread the remaining cake mixture on top, Scatter a few extra almond flakes on top and bake for 50 - 60 mins until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean .
Allow to cool in the tin .... ET VOILA , BOB 'S YOUR UNCLE

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  1. Could I substitute the vodka with Gin??? :) love your blog!!

  2. Hi Amanda ,Absolutely you could use Gin instead , I have even used Campari which intensifies the Colour and provides a tartier taste.
    Glad that you are enjoying the blog. R :)