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A NEW TWIST @FadeStSocial " Craft Beers , Cocktails & Flatbreads " from Dylan McGrath

Fade St Social by Dylan McGrath opened last October to great acclaim with a Gastro Bar , Restaurant as well as The Bar & Wintergarden . The Bar & Wintergarden has moved on a bit since then , offering nowadays a pretty impressive Beer & Cider Menu with well over 40 Craft Beers . Choose a beer that has been aged in Oak Whiskey Barrel to a foamy Franziskanner or blow your socks off with a sup of Ginger Beard , fiery stuff !!!

And don't forget to grab a bite to eat as well . Wood fired Flatbreads , some familiar and European flavours are assembled in an uncomplicated way  in delivering that perfect mouthful on a very crisp base , Heaven ...... HOLD ON ..... where 's my beer to wash all this down .

" Quite a simple menu designed to support the very best of homegrown produce " Dylan McGrath

Choose from Chorizo , Tomato & Squid

Tomato petals , Onion lyonnaise , Chorizo and Tomato sauce , Chorizo , Rosemary , Black olives , Red pepper slices , Baby squid , Chorizo oil , Baby Mozzarella , Baba Ganoush , Smoked paprika & Torn basil .
An explosion of  Mediterranean  Flavours


 Pumpkin . Pork & Chestnut

Pumpkin puree , Fresh Rosemary . Parmesan , Pulled Crispy pork , Onion puree , Mushrooms , Irish Mozzarella & Chestnuts .

Craft Beer of the month " Ruthless from Sierra Nevada  "

 A Seasonal Pale Ale with rye ( IPA ) from California . This is a Beaut.......

" Cuvee Rene from  Gueuze Lambic Beer "

An acquired taste ....

" Apple Cider from Lindermans "

Moreish , clean , light and fruity

" Weissbier from Schneider Weisse  "

An original warming  wheat beer from Bavaria .... Nice one

" Torpedo from Sierra Nevada "

An India pale Ale with extra IPA from California  , Bitter and a Hoppy one

 " Galway Hooker "

An Irish artisan beer ,  tangy , mild & very pleasant pale ale  .... My favourite

" Trouble Brewing , Sabotage India pale ale "

Another Irish craft beer from Kildare , A hoppy golden Ale

" Innis & Gunn , oak aged beer "

A smooth  , lush Scottish beer aged in oak caskets from Edinburgh

" Sunburnt Irish Red from Eight Degrees Brewing " 

A harmonious and mellow red ale with a generous helping of hops

" Chimay Red  "

A woodsy ale from Belgium . This one will creep up on you with it's fruity and slight bitterness . I became a fan

" Mangozo Coconut ... Exotic beer  "

Only way to describe it is Bounty in a bottle , Remember Malibu in the 80's !!!

" Wildeman from Flying dog brewery "

The Hip beer , with tres cool Art  on the bottle . A rich farmhouse IPA from Colorado

" Barrel Pale Ale "

A hazy pale ale from Colorado .

So if you are a Beer Lover or just  want to spend an afternoon / evening with friends in a beautiful , relaxed and civilised spot .... Well get yourself to FADE STREET SOCIAL ..... NOW

To encourage people to sample this great portfolio of Craft Beers , Fade St Social is offering a bucket of 5 assorted craft beers for €20  and this  great value offer is running until further notice .

You will also find  an extensive Cocktails Menu ....  ( Review in the near future )

 Tel : 01- 604 0066  . Fade street ,   Dublin 2 .                               

For a Review of the restaurant go to,

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