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GLENDALOUGH POITIN .... " Shake it up into Cocktails " @GlendaloughPoit

Before there was Whiskey, there was POITIN, "Potcheen ". It's Ireland gift to the World, ....... after..Christianity !!! Of Course !! and is one of the first Spirit ever to be distilled. By who else.... but Irish Monks ...So religion after all, has a lot to answer for, but in this instance ... to thank for. It's a spirit that is Unique in it's taste as in it's history.
Glendalough Poitin is one of the most complex white spirit in the world today . Paying homage to the original and following the ancient art of Poitin making by Irish monks of yester years , It is hand crafted , carefully distilled in small batches and matured in Irish oak for up to six months . Poitin was first made as early as 584AD in Monastic settlements , which was the birthplace of Distillery in Ireland . It was outlawed in 1661 hence forcing it's production into the wilderness . And over the next few hundred years or so , it lived in  whispered infamy and secrecy ... Until Now .

Glendalough Poitin  uses an old Irish recipe of Malted barley and Sugar beet , and the oak ageing allows the spirit to interact with the wood , mellow & smoothen and to gain a depth in flavour . The result is a smooth but robust flavour of malted barley , with hints of gooseberries and blackcurrants . ( 40 % Vol ) @ €34.99

Glendalough Sherry Oak aged Poitin is clear light amber in  colour , as this one is aged further in Spanish Sherry Casks ( hence the colour ) and where it extracts an even more woody , toasty finish with hints of sweet sherry , vanilla and orange zest . This is a very full flavoured Poitin . ( 40% Vol  )
@ €36.99

Glendalough Mountain strength might fool you , as it is slight in nature , But with a higher alcohol content  ( 60 % Vol ) , it holds that extra headiness , with a spicy tail. It hangs on the tongue along with hints of dried fruits and berries . @ €43.99

There are more than one way to take a sup of Poitin . Traditionally it was drunk neat , but it also goes well with most mixers ... lemonade , soda , Cola , ginger and a squeeze of lime ... But to shake things up , try mixing it into a cocktail .
Flavours like apple , ginger , cinnamon really bring out the sweet oats tones .

Or just pour it over ice , kick back and cure what ails you .  " Slainte "

All prices quoted are as of 24/10/2013 from
The Irish Celtic Whiskey Shop.
Dawson street . Dublin 2.

Recently at The Irish Whiskey Awards 2013 , Donal O'Gallachoir , Brand Manager at Glendalough , reintroduced me to Poitin in Two cocktails recipes , using Glendalough Poitin , that I would like to share with you .

" The Long Walk to Glendalough " by Ryan Sheridan @theexchecquer
  • 35.5 ml of Glendalough Premium Poitin
  • Dash of Angostura Bitter
  • Lime Juice
  • Red Lemonade

The Exchequer Bar
3-5 Exchecquer Street
Dublin 2

" Dr Poitin " by Aaron Keogh @SOLASBAR
  • 35.5 ml of  Glendalough Premium Poitin
  • Orgeat Almond Syrup ( or use Amaretto )
  • Lime Juice
  • Coca Cola

31,Wexford street
Dublin 2

Method :

Add plenty of crushed ice into your glass , Swirl around to chill. Add a dash of the Angostura bitter / Orgeat syrup. Swirl , Add the Lime juice & Poitin , Swirl and top up with the red lemonade / CocaCola

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